How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2019 (The Ultimate Guide)

If you have landed on this page by chance, then you are really lucky coz you are going to get rich online making money with your blog once you know how to get all started and that all starts with creating a blog that is self hosted. So, let’s get started.

There are tons of free blogging platforms out there but what I’m talking here is not using any of those. They are very limited in terms of what you can do and just in case if you are able to get to certain point than they are going to block you from using it or impose certain restrictions to your blog. Yes I’m taking about,, blah blah blah.

So, what is the best blogging platform you ask me? Well you’re going to find out down on the track so keep reading. First you need to know how to get all started to come to that point.

There are only 3 steps involved to start a blog. Firstly, you need a domain name say

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  1. Get a domain name
  2. Get a web hosting
  3. Installing a blog platform (WordPress)

You must be thinking what the heck, i don’t know how to do all this. Don’t worry! Inmotion Hosting will take care of all the 3 steps mentioned above.

WordPress Hosting with Inmotion Hosting

When you go to Inmotion Hosting following my link above you will need to select WordPress Hosting. Click on LEARN MORE and that will take you to next screen as below

WordPress Hosting Options

Select WP-1000S option and click on ORDER NOW, that’s under $5 bucks per month if you pay 3years at a time. I recommend you pay annually which is about $6.99/month. So in total you need to pay $83.88 for 1 year full. This is all your expense to start your rock solid blogging platform, No any hidden cost.

After you continue this step, you will be taken to domain registration page which is self explanatory. From this page, you can register a new domain name or use your existing domain name. See below

After you choose your domain name and click ADD TO CART, the domain will be listed and it’s free, see below for what i mean, the price is still same. You get your domain name for free with your hosting plan. How good is that!

From here you simply click CONTINUE and in next page it will ask weather you would like to be register your domain as privacy, click No. This will not hide your personal information when anyone does whois lookup for your domain and anybody who want to know who has registered the domain can know your name, address, email and phone if they want to know. But, if you are serious about your privacy go ahead and click yes if you want to hide. I always click No in this case to save few bucks.

So, most of you select No, Thanks and click continue which will take you to Billing page as below

Enter your email address in New Customer section and click continue. It will take you to billing detail page where you can enter your details along with payment information and click Review my order to final review and submit the order. Hurray! You did it.

You’ll receive confirmation email shortly with your order details and account information.

Now, you need to go to AMP Login area and login with your account email and password (you’ll receive password in your email). Once you login, you will see a dashboard something like this

Now this is the panel your home of your hosting account. Just feel free to learn all items what’s in here. Without any detail about all the items out there, I’ll tell you the main item which you’ll use to install a blogging software. Under second section in above screenshot, click on Install Popular Software or Softaculous. Find WordPress from the list and install it. Now visit your blog, it should be up by now. Only thing you need to do now is design it and start blogging which I’m going to teach you below.

If you need any help in this please do not hesitate to contact me on and I’ll setup your blog for free if you go through my link below.

If you have not started the process, Click here now to get started.

Get Your WordPress Blog Setup For FREE

If you want to setup a blog, I am here to help. Please email your request to and we’ll go from there. cheers!

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