How To Paraphrase to Avoid Plagiarism by Google

A Paraphrase or rephrase tool aids in improving language, avoiding plagiarism, adjusting tones, expanding or summarizing content, and rewriting sentences for fluency. There are numerous paraphrase tools available that help correct grammar issues, increase style, improve sentence structure, etc.

What is paraphrasing?

Putting another author’s original content into your own words is known as paraphrasing. In contrast to a direct quotation from an earlier work of writing, it is essentially a fresh passage with the same content.

One of the top five strategies for preventing plagiarism is paraphrasing, but how can you say the same thing without using the exact same words? We recommend combining the following easy techniques for good paraphrasing:

Use synonyms 

Substitute other terms that mean the same thing for the original passage’s key phrases, such as “scientist” for “researcher” or “seniors” for “the elderly.” This kind of paraphrasing is typical, yet it is insufficient on its own. To make your writing seem new, combine this technique with some of the ones listed below.

Original text: 

Some plants release certain aromas to alert their plant neighbors that they’re under attack. 


Some vegetation emits special scents to warn other plants that there’s danger nearby. 

Change the parts of speech

By switching the parts of speech, you can sometimes reformulate a sentence. For example, you might change a gerund into the active verb or an adjective into an adverb. You might not always have the opportunity to use this method because it depends on how the original piece was written. For more original writing, we also recommend combining it with other strategies presented below.

Original text: 

Polar bears are almost undetectable by infrared cameras because of how they conserve heat.


Polar bears cannot be detected easily by infrared cameras due to their unique heat conservation. 

Rearrange the structure

To make completely new sentences, you can rearrange the phrases and clauses or combine parts of different sentences. Even though it could be tempting, try to avoid using the passive voice when paraphrasing unless there is no other way to say it.

Original text: 

The observable universe consists of 50,000,000,000 galaxies.


Fifty billion galaxies comprise the known universe. 

Add or remove pieces

You can cut out the parts of a quote that don’t apply to your topic and rephrase the rest of it in your own terms. To contextualize or modify an existing quote to fit your topic, you can also add your own unique perspective. In any scenario, be sure to rephrase any material from the original source.

Original text: 

Human eyes get used to darkness after an hour, but by then they’ll be 100,000 times more sensitive to light.


If you sit in a dark room, your eyes will eventually adjust and become 100,000 times more sensitive to light—but be careful when you turn on the light again!

What makes a good paraphrase?

The meaning of the primary sources is maintained in a good paraphrase even while new words or phrases are used. It works best for adapting the ideas of another author and expressing them in your own distinct way.

Ensure your writing is original

You are required to submit entirely original works that you have written yourself while completing essays, research papers, and other academic writing tasks. However, many students run the risk of unintended plagiarism.

Some Free Paraphrase tool I like are:

There are several sentence rephraser tools that considerably improves your content quality. a number of them additionally provides analytics and knowledge to illustrate common mistakes and stats regarding your writing style.

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