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How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online ($300k Per Month)

Ok first let me shout-out from the top of my heart that yes its possible to make insane amount of money from your blog. There is no need to be skeptical about it and do research and this and that coz i have done it all for you and in this post thats what exactly I am going teach you how it can be done and how you can become filthy rich. I am not going to dump here keywords like how to start a blog and make crazy money online stuff, but yeah you got me Lol.

You might be wondering how the fuck is it possible to make 300 grand per month from a blog then hey open your eyes, ears and what not, it’s fucking true, many have done this shit already. You can google a shit about it and find it yourself if you don’t believe. What I am try to say to say is its insanely yo do and you can do it if you fucking want it.

Now you must be thinking in your head, hey kamal, commo tell me how to do it without talking big and blah blah blah.. but man first i have to make you believe about this shit otherwise i know you will start and forget about it and get lost in the ocean of information.

Ok lets get started:

How to start a blog

Starting a blog is a piece of a cake but the main thing to note is to start it like starting your business. What the fuck does this mean? This means how you plan and think and get ideas based upon your interest you do same with your blog startup, it should be treated as a business. Like when you start a business you think about what business you want to go into, restaurant business, cafe, fruit shop, meat shop, stationary shop, hardware store, petrol pump, professional business like accounting, IT, plumbing, carpenter, etcetera etcetera. In the same way you need to pick a subject for your blog. This is called a niche. Some popular and profitable niche today are Highend jewelry, Fashion, Furniture, Technology, Software. You need to pick a niche that you can write about without getting tired and there are lots of topics to write about in that niche.

  1. Find your niche
  2. Brainstorm blog name ideas
  3. Purchase your domain name and hosting
  4. Brand your blog
  5. Install WordPress
  6. Choose a theme
  7. Add some essential pages
  8. Write useful content
  9. Get lots of eyeballs on your blog posts
  10. Have a clear message, choose the right tools, and produce great content.

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